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prove that we can allocate an auth

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......@@ -601,14 +601,16 @@ Section iprod_cmra.
{ move: (Hg x). by rewrite iprod_lookup_op iprod_lookup_insert. }
exists (iprod_insert x y2 g); split; [auto|].
intros x'; destruct (decide (x' = x)) as [->|];
rewrite iprod_lookup_op ?iprod_lookup_insert //.
rewrite iprod_lookup_op ?iprod_lookup_insert //; [].
move: (Hg x'). by rewrite iprod_lookup_op !iprod_lookup_insert_ne.
Lemma iprod_insert_updateP' x (P : B x Prop) g y1 :
y1 ~~>: P
iprod_insert x y1 g ~~>: λ g', y2, g' = iprod_insert x y2 g P y2.
Proof. eauto using iprod_insert_updateP. Qed.
Lemma iprod_insert_update g x y1 y2 :
y1 ~~> y2 iprod_insert x y1 g ~~> iprod_insert x y2 g.
rewrite !cmra_update_updateP;
......@@ -623,14 +625,30 @@ Section iprod_cmra.
* by rewrite iprod_lookup_op !iprod_lookup_singleton.
* by rewrite iprod_lookup_op !iprod_lookup_singleton_ne // left_id.
Lemma iprod_singleton_updateP x (P : B x Prop) (Q : iprod B Prop) y1 :
y1 ~~>: P ( y2, P y2 Q (iprod_singleton x y2))
iprod_singleton x y1 ~~>: Q.
Proof. rewrite /iprod_singleton; eauto using iprod_insert_updateP. Qed.
Lemma iprod_singleton_updateP' x (P : B x Prop) y1 :
y1 ~~>: P
iprod_singleton x y1 ~~>: λ g', y2, g' = iprod_singleton x y2 P y2.
Proof. eauto using iprod_singleton_updateP. Qed.
Lemma iprod_singleton_updateP_empty x (P : B x Prop) (Q : iprod B Prop) :
( ~~>: P) ( y2, P y2 Q (iprod_singleton x y2))
~~>: Q.
intros Hx HQ gf n Hg. destruct (Hx (gf x) n) as (y2&?&?).
{ apply: Hg. }
exists (iprod_singleton x y2).
split; first by apply HQ.
intros x'; destruct (decide (x' = x)) as [->|];
rewrite iprod_lookup_op /iprod_singleton ?iprod_lookup_insert //; [].
move:(Hg x'). by rewrite iprod_lookup_insert_ne // left_id.
Lemma iprod_singleton_update x y1 y2 :
y1 ~~> y2 iprod_singleton x y1 ~~> iprod_singleton x y2.
Proof. by intros; apply iprod_insert_update. Qed.
Require Export algebra.auth.
Require Import program_logic.functor program_logic.language program_logic.weakestpre.
Require Export algebra.auth algebra.functor.
Require Import program_logic.language program_logic.weakestpre.
Import uPred.
(* RJ: This is a work-in-progress playground.
FIXME: Finish or remove. *)
......@@ -42,20 +43,22 @@ Section auth.
rewrite /tr' /tr. by destruct Ci.
Definition Tr j {H : i = j} (c: C i) : C j.
rewrite -H. exact c. Defined.
Lemma A_val a :
a = (tr a).
rewrite /tr. by destruct Ci.
(* FIXME RJ: I'd rather not have to specify Σ by hand here. *)
Definition ownNothing : iProp Λ Σ := ownG (Σ:=Σ) (fun j => ( : mapRA positive (C j))).
Definition A2m (p : positive) (a : authRA A) : iGst Λ Σ :=
iprod_singleton i (<[p:=tr a]>).
Definition ownA (p : positive) (a : authRA A) : iProp Λ Σ :=
ownG (Σ:=Σ) (fun j => match decide (i = j) with
| left Heq => <[p:=Tr j (H:=Heq) $ tr a]>
| right Hneq => end).
ownG (Σ:=Σ) (A2m p a).
Lemma ownA_op p a1 a2 :
(ownA p a1 ownA p a2)%I ownA p (a1 a2).
rewrite /ownA -ownG_op. apply ownG_proper=>j /=.
rewrite /ownA /A2m /iprod_singleton /iprod_insert -ownG_op. apply ownG_proper=>j /=.
rewrite iprod_lookup_op. destruct (decide (i = j)).
- move=>q. destruct e. rewrite lookup_op /=.
destruct (decide (p = q)); first subst q.
......@@ -67,6 +70,22 @@ Section auth.
- by rewrite left_id.
(* TODO: This also holds if we just have ✓a at the current step-idx, as Iris
assertion. However, the map_updateP_alloc does not suffice to show this. *)
Lemma ownA_alloc E a :
a True pvs E E ( p, ownA p a).
intros Ha. set (P m := p, m = A2m p a).
set (a' := tr a).
rewrite -(pvs_mono _ _ ( m, P m ownG m)%I).
- rewrite -pvs_updateP_empty //; [].
subst P. eapply (iprod_singleton_updateP_empty i).
+ eapply map_updateP_alloc' with (x:=a'). subst a'.
by rewrite -A_val.
+ simpl. move=>? [p [-> ?]]. exists p. done.
- apply exist_elim=>m. apply const_elim_l.
move=>[p ->] {P}. by rewrite -(exist_intro p).
End auth.
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