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......@@ -206,6 +206,8 @@ Lemma wp_strip_pvs E e P Q : P ⊑ wp E e Q → pvs E E P ⊑ wp E e Q.
Proof. move=>->. by rewrite pvs_wp. Qed.
Lemma wp_value E Q e v : to_val e = Some v Q v wp E e Q.
Proof. intros; rewrite -(of_to_val e v) //; by apply wp_value'. Qed.
Lemma wp_value_pvs E Q e v : to_val e = Some v pvs E E (Q v) wp E e Q.
Proof. intros. rewrite -wp_pvs. rewrite -wp_value //. Qed.
Lemma wp_frame_l E e Q R : (R wp E e Q) wp E e (λ v, R Q v).
Proof. setoid_rewrite (comm _ R); apply wp_frame_r. Qed.
Lemma wp_frame_later_l E e Q R :
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