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avoid a pitfall by not tying barrierG to heapG at all

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......@@ -126,20 +126,20 @@ Import barrier_proto.
(** The monoids we need. *)
(* Not bundling heapG, as it may be shared with other users. *)
Class barrierG Σ `{heapG Σ} := BarrierG {
Class barrierG Σ := BarrierG {
barrier_stsG :> stsG heap_lang Σ sts;
barrier_savedPropG :> savedPropG heap_lang Σ;
Definition barrierGF : iFunctors := [stsGF sts; agreeF].
Instance inGF_barrierG `{heapG Σ} `{inGF heap_lang Σ (stsGF sts)}
Instance inGF_barrierG `{inGF heap_lang Σ (stsGF sts)}
`{inGF heap_lang Σ agreeF} : barrierG Σ.
Proof. split; apply _. Qed.
(** Now we come to the Iris part of the proof. *)
Section proof.
Context {Σ : iFunctorG} `{barrierG Σ}.
Context {Σ : iFunctorG} `{!heapG Σ} `{!barrierG Σ}.
Context (N : namespace) (heapN : namespace).
Local Hint Immediate i_states_closed low_states_closed : sts.
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