Commit 9f3a376e authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Big ops and None.

parent 7227cf28
......@@ -375,6 +375,33 @@ Section gset.
End gset.
End big_op.
(** Option *)
Lemma big_opL_None {M : cmraT} {A} (f : nat A option M) l :
([ list] kx l, f k x) = None k x, l !! k = Some x f k x = None.
revert f. induction l as [|x l IH]=> f //=.
rewrite big_opL_cons op_None IH. split.
- intros [??] [|k] y ?; naive_solver.
- intros Hl. split. by apply (Hl 0). intros k. apply (Hl (S k)).
Lemma big_opM_None {M : cmraT} `{Countable K} {A} (f : K A option M) m :
([ map] kx m, f k x) = None k x, m !! k = Some x f k x = None.
induction m as [|i x m ? IH] using map_ind=> //=.
rewrite -equiv_None big_opM_insert // equiv_None op_None IH. split.
{ intros [??] k y. rewrite lookup_insert_Some; naive_solver. }
intros Hm; split.
- apply (Hm i). by simplify_map_eq.
- intros k y ?. apply (Hm k). by simplify_map_eq.
Lemma big_opS_None {M : cmraT} `{Countable A} (f : A option M) X :
([ set] x X, f x) = None x, x X f x = None.
induction X as [|x X ? IH] using collection_ind_L; [done|].
rewrite -equiv_None big_opS_insert // equiv_None op_None IH. set_solver.
(** Commuting with respect to homomorphisms *)
Lemma big_opL_commute {M1 M2 : ucmraT} {A} (h : M1 M2)
`{!UCMRAHomomorphism h} (f : nat A M1) l :
h ([ list] kx l, f k x) ([ list] kx l, h (f k x)).
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