Commit 97ddb1f1 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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Change order of eassumption and reflexivity in fast_done

This has bothered me repeatedly in proofs, now I finally got around to fix it at the source
parent bd6ca353
......@@ -35,9 +35,12 @@ declarations as the ones above. *)
Tactic Notation "intuition" := intuition auto.
(* [done] can get slow as it calls "trivial". [fast_done] can solve way less
goals, but it will also always finish quickly. *)
goals, but it will also always finish quickly.
We do 'reflexivity' last because for goals of the form ?x = y, if
we have x = y in the context, we will typically want to use the
assumption and not reflexivity *)
Ltac fast_done :=
solve [ reflexivity | eassumption | symmetry; eassumption ].
solve [ eassumption | symmetry; eassumption | reflexivity ].
Tactic Notation "fast_by" tactic(tac) :=
tac; fast_done.
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