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Prove that Fix_F is proper.

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......@@ -221,3 +221,13 @@ nor by conversion tests in the kernel), but in some cases we do need it for
computation (that is, we cannot make it opaque). We use the [Strategy]
command to make its expanding behavior less eager. *)
Strategy 100 [wf_guard].
Lemma Fix_F_proper `{R : relation A}
(B : A Type)
(E : x, relation (B x)) {E_Equivalence : x, Equivalence (E x)}
(F : x, ( y, R y x B y) B x)
(HF : (x : A) (f g : y, R y x B y),
( y Hy Hy', E _ (f y Hy) (g y Hy')) E _ (F x f) (F x g))
(x : A) (acc1 acc2 : Acc R x) :
E _ (Fix_F B F acc1) (Fix_F B F acc2).
Proof. revert x acc1 acc2. fix 2. intros x [acc1] [acc2]; simpl; auto. Qed.
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