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show that uPred_holds is NE

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......@@ -50,12 +50,19 @@ Section cofe.
End cofe.
Arguments uPredC : clear implicits.
Instance uPred_ne' {M} (P : uPred M) n : Proper (dist n ==> iff) (P n).
Instance uPred_ne {M} (P : uPred M) n : Proper (dist n ==> iff) (P n).
intros x1 x2 Hx; split=> ?; eapply uPred_mono; eauto; by rewrite Hx.
Instance uPred_proper {M} (P : uPred M) n : Proper (() ==> iff) (P n).
Proof. by intros x1 x2 Hx; apply uPred_ne', equiv_dist. Qed.
Proof. by intros x1 x2 Hx; apply uPred_ne, equiv_dist. Qed.
Lemma uPred_holds_ne {M} (P Q : uPred M) n1 n2 x :
P {n2} Q n2 n1 {n2} x Q n1 x P n2 x.
intros [Hne] ???. eapply Hne; try done.
eapply uPred_closed; eauto using cmra_validN_le.
(** functor *)
Program Definition uPred_map {M1 M2 : ucmraT} (f : M2 -n> M1)
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