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Show that gmultiset is a simple collection.

This way we can use set_solver to solve goals involving ∈.
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......@@ -106,7 +106,21 @@ Proof.
destruct (X !! _), (Y !! _); simplify_option_eq; omega.
Lemma elem_of_multiplicity x X : x X 0 < multiplicity x X.
Proof. done. Qed.
(* Algebraic laws *)
Global Instance gmultiset_simple_collection : SimpleCollection A (gmultiset A).
- intros x. rewrite elem_of_multiplicity, multiplicity_empty. omega.
- intros x y. destruct (decide (x = y)) as [->|].
+ rewrite elem_of_multiplicity, multiplicity_singleton. split; auto with lia.
+ rewrite elem_of_multiplicity, multiplicity_singleton_ne by done.
by split; auto with lia.
- intros X Y x. rewrite !elem_of_multiplicity, multiplicity_union. omega.
Global Instance gmultiset_comm : Comm (@eq (gmultiset A)) ().
intros X Y. apply gmultiset_eq; intros x. rewrite !multiplicity_union; omega.
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