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This version is known to compile with:
......@@ -12,9 +11,23 @@ fetch the development branch yourself). Iris compiles fine even without this
patch, but proof bullets will only be in 'strict' (enforcing) mode with the
fixed version of Ssreflect.
Run the following command to build the full development:
* The folder `prelude` contains an extended "Standard Library" by Robbert
Krebbers <>.
* The folder `algebra` contains the COFE and CMRA constructions as well as
the solver for recursive domain equations.
* The folder `program_logic` builds the semantic domain of Iris, defines and
verifies primitive view shifts and weakest preconditions, and builds some
language-independent derived constructions (e.g., STSs).
* The folder `heap_lang` defines the ML-like concurrent heap language, and a
few derived constructions (e.g., parallel composition).
* The folder `barrier` contains the implementation and proof of the barrier.
* The folder `examples` contains the examples given in the paper.
......@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ Proof. by setoid_rewrite (always_and_sep_r _ _); rewrite wp_frame_r. Qed.
Lemma wp_impl_l E e Φ Ψ :
(( v, Φ v Ψ v) WP e @ E {{ Φ }}) WP e @ E {{ Ψ }}.
rewrite wp_always_l; apply wp_mono=> // v.
rewrite wp_always_l. apply wp_mono=> // v.
by rewrite always_elim (forall_elim v) impl_elim_l.
Lemma wp_impl_r E e Φ Ψ :
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