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......@@ -41,6 +41,33 @@ Proof.
- rewrite /uPred_except_0; eauto.
Lemma inv_alloc_open N E P :
N E True ={E, E∖↑N}= inv N P (P ={E∖↑N, E}= True).
rewrite inv_eq /inv_def fupd_eq /fupd_def.
iIntros (Sub) "[Hw HE]".
iMod (ownI_alloc_open ( N) P with "Hw") as (i) "(% & Hw & #Hi & HD)".
- intros Ef. exists (coPpick ( N coPset.of_gset Ef)).
rewrite -coPset.elem_of_of_gset comm -elem_of_difference.
apply coPpick_elem_of=> Hfin.
eapply nclose_infinite, (difference_finite_inv _ _), Hfin.
apply of_gset_finite.
- iAssert (ownE {[i]} ownE ( N {[i]}) ownE (E N))%I with "[HE]" as "(HEi & HEN\i & HE\N)".
{ rewrite -?ownE_op; [|set_solver|set_solver].
rewrite assoc_L. rewrite <-!union_difference_L; try done; set_solver. }
iModIntro. rewrite /uPred_except_0. iRight. iFrame.
iSplitL "Hw HEi".
+ by iApply "Hw".
+ iSplitL "Hi"; [eauto|].
iIntros "HP [Hw HE\N]".
iDestruct (ownI_close with "[$Hw $Hi $HP $HD]") as "[? HEi]".
iModIntro. iRight. iFrame. iSplitL; [|done].
iCombine "HEi" "HEN\i" as "HEN".
iCombine "HEN" "HE\N" as "HE".
rewrite -?ownE_op; [|set_solver|set_solver].
rewrite <-!union_difference_L; try done; set_solver.
Lemma inv_open E N P :
N E inv N P ={E,E∖↑N}= P ( P ={E∖↑N,E}= True).
......@@ -142,4 +142,28 @@ Proof.
iApply (big_sepM_insert _ I); first done.
iFrame "HI". iLeft. by rewrite /ownD; iFrame.
Lemma ownI_alloc_open φ P :
( E : gset positive, i, i E φ i)
wsat == i, ⌜φ i (ownE {[i]} - wsat) ownI i P ownD {[i]}.
iIntros (Hfresh) "Hw". iDestruct "Hw" as (I) "[? HI]".
iMod (own_empty (gset_disjUR positive) disabled_name) as "HD".
iMod (own_updateP with "HD") as "HD".
{ apply (gset_disj_alloc_empty_updateP_strong' (λ i, I !! i = None φ i)).
intros E. destruct (Hfresh (E dom _ I))
as (i & [? HIi%not_elem_of_dom]%not_elem_of_union & ?); eauto. }
iDestruct "HD" as (X) "[Hi HD]"; iDestruct "Hi" as %(i & -> & HIi & ?).
iMod (own_update with "Hw") as "[Hw HiP]".
{ eapply auth_update_alloc,
(alloc_singleton_local_update _ i (invariant_unfold P)); last done.
by rewrite /= lookup_fmap HIi. }
iModIntro; iExists i; iSplit; [done|]. rewrite /ownI; iFrame "HiP".
rewrite -/(ownD _). iFrame "HD".
iIntros "HE". iExists (<[i:=P]>I); iSplitL "Hw".
{ by rewrite fmap_insert insert_singleton_op ?lookup_fmap ?HIi. }
iApply (big_sepM_insert _ I); first done.
iFrame "HI". by iRight.
End wsat.
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ End sorted.
(** ** Correctness of merge sort *)
Section merge_sort_correct.
Context {A} (R : relation A) `{ x y, Decision (R x y)} `{!Total R}.
Context {A} (R : relation A) `{ x y, Decision (R x y)}.
Lemma list_merge_cons x1 x2 l1 l2 :
list_merge R (x1 :: l1) (x2 :: l2) =
......@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ Section merge_sort_correct.
destruct 1 as [|x1 l1 IH1], 1 as [|x2 l2 IH2];
rewrite ?list_merge_cons; simpl; repeat case_decide; auto.
Lemma Sorted_list_merge l1 l2 :
Lemma Sorted_list_merge `{!Total R} l1 l2 :
Sorted R l1 Sorted R l2 Sorted R (list_merge R l1 l2).
intros Hl1. revert l2. induction Hl1 as [|x1 l1 IH1];
......@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ Section merge_sort_correct.
| Some l :: st => l ++ merge_stack_flatten st
Lemma Sorted_merge_list_to_stack st l :
Lemma Sorted_merge_list_to_stack `{!Total R} st l :
merge_stack_Sorted st Sorted R l
merge_stack_Sorted (merge_list_to_stack R st l).
......@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@ Section merge_sort_correct.
revert l. induction st as [|[l'|] st IH]; intros l; simpl; auto.
by rewrite IH, merge_Permutation, (assoc_L _), (comm (++) l).
Lemma Sorted_merge_stack st :
Lemma Sorted_merge_stack `{!Total R} st :
merge_stack_Sorted st Sorted R (merge_stack R st).
Proof. induction 1; simpl; auto using Sorted_list_merge. Qed.
Lemma merge_stack_Permutation st : merge_stack R st merge_stack_flatten st.
......@@ -180,7 +180,7 @@ Section merge_sort_correct.
induction st as [|[] ? IH]; intros; simpl; auto.
by rewrite merge_Permutation, IH.
Lemma Sorted_merge_sort_aux st l :
Lemma Sorted_merge_sort_aux `{!Total R} st l :
merge_stack_Sorted st Sorted R (merge_sort_aux R st l).
revert st. induction l; simpl;
......@@ -194,11 +194,11 @@ Section merge_sort_correct.
- rewrite IH, merge_list_to_stack_Permutation; simpl.
by rewrite Permutation_middle.
Lemma Sorted_merge_sort l : Sorted R (merge_sort R l).
Lemma Sorted_merge_sort `{!Total R} l : Sorted R (merge_sort R l).
Proof. apply Sorted_merge_sort_aux. by constructor. Qed.
Lemma merge_sort_Permutation l : merge_sort R l l.
Proof. unfold merge_sort. by rewrite merge_sort_aux_Permutation. Qed.
Lemma StronglySorted_merge_sort `{!Transitive R} l :
Lemma StronglySorted_merge_sort `{!Transitive R, !Total R} l :
StronglySorted R (merge_sort R l).
Proof. auto using Sorted_StronglySorted, Sorted_merge_sort. Qed.
End merge_sort_correct.
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