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Turn stuff like iRes Definitions instead of Notations.

With Set Printing All, these notations make me loose overview entirely.
parent 3fdd636a
......@@ -31,11 +31,11 @@ End iProp.
(* Solution *)
Definition iPreProp (Λ : language) (Σ : iFunctor) : cofeT := iProp.result Λ Σ.
Notation iRes Λ Σ := (res Λ Σ (laterC (iPreProp Λ Σ))).
Notation iResRA Λ Σ := (resRA Λ Σ (laterC (iPreProp Λ Σ))).
Notation iWld Λ Σ := (mapRA positive (agreeRA (laterC (iPreProp Λ Σ)))).
Notation iPst Λ := (exclRA (istateC Λ)).
Notation iGst Λ Σ := (ifunctor_car Σ (laterC (iPreProp Λ Σ))).
Definition iRes Λ Σ := res Λ Σ (laterC (iPreProp Λ Σ)).
Definition iResRA Λ Σ := resRA Λ Σ (laterC (iPreProp Λ Σ)).
Definition iWld Λ Σ := mapRA positive (agreeRA (laterC (iPreProp Λ Σ))).
Definition iPst Λ := exclRA (istateC Λ).
Definition iGst Λ Σ := ifunctor_car Σ (laterC (iPreProp Λ Σ)).
Definition iProp (Λ : language) (Σ : iFunctor) : cofeT := uPredC (iResRA Λ Σ).
Definition iProp_unfold {Λ Σ} : iProp Λ Σ -n> iPreProp Λ Σ := solution_fold _.
Definition iProp_fold {Λ Σ} : iPreProp Λ Σ -n> iProp Λ Σ := solution_unfold _.
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