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Basic properties of frame preserving updates and those for products.

parent 4882ecf8
......@@ -318,6 +318,15 @@ Proof.
* by intros Hx z ?; exists y; split; [done|apply (Hx z)].
* by intros Hx z n ?; destruct (Hx z n) as (?&<-&?).
Lemma ra_updateP_id (P : A Prop) x : P x x : P.
Proof. by intros ? z n ?; exists x. Qed.
Lemma ra_updateP_compose (P Q : A Prop) x :
x : P ( y, P y y : Q) x : Q.
intros Hx Hy z n ?. destruct (Hx z n) as (y&?&?); auto. by apply (Hy y).
Lemma ra_updateP_weaken (P Q : A Prop) x : x : P ( y, P y Q y) x : Q.
Proof. eauto using ra_updateP_compose, ra_updateP_id. Qed.
End cmra.
Hint Extern 0 (_ {0} _) => apply cmra_includedN_0.
......@@ -384,14 +393,14 @@ Section discrete.
Definition discreteRA : cmraT :=
CMRAT (cofe_mixin A) discrete_cmra_mixin discrete_extend_mixin.
Lemma discrete_updateP (x : A) (P : A Prop) `{!Inhabited (sig P)} :
( z, (x z) y, P y (y z)) (x : discreteRA) : P.
Lemma discrete_updateP (x : discreteRA) (P : A Prop) `{!Inhabited (sig P)} :
( z, (x z) y, P y (y z)) x : P.
intros Hvalid z [|n]; [|apply Hvalid].
by destruct (_ : Inhabited (sig P)) as [[y ?]]; exists y.
Lemma discrete_update (x y : A) :
( z, (x z) (y z)) (x : discreteRA) y.
Lemma discrete_update (x y : discreteRA) :
( z, (x z) (y z)) x y.
Proof. intros Hvalid z [|n]; [done|apply Hvalid]. Qed.
End discrete.
......@@ -465,6 +474,15 @@ Section prod.
* by split; rewrite /=left_id.
* by intros ? [??]; split; apply (timeless _).
Lemma prod_update x y : x.1 y.1 x.2 y.2 x y.
Proof. intros ?? z n [??]; split; simpl in *; auto. Qed.
Lemma prod_updateP (P : A * B Prop) P1 P2 x :
x.1 : P1 x.2 : P2 ( y, P1 (y.1) P2 (y.2) P y) x : P.
intros Hx1 Hx2 HP z n [??]; simpl in *.
destruct (Hx1 (z.1) n) as (a&?&?), (Hx2 (z.2) n) as (b&?&?); auto.
exists (a,b); repeat split; auto.
End prod.
Arguments prodRA : clear implicits.
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