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prove newchan_spec :-)

parent d8530574
......@@ -168,10 +168,18 @@ Section proof.
+ rewrite /= /tok /=. apply elem_of_equiv=>t. rewrite elem_of_difference elem_of_union.
rewrite !mkSet_elem_of /change_tokens.
(* TODO: destruct t; solve_elem_of does not work. What is the best way to do on? *)
destruct t as [i'|]; last by naive_solver. split.
* move=>[_ Hn]. left. destruct (decide (i = i')); first by subst i.
exfalso. apply Hn. left. solve_elem_of.
* move=>[[EQ]|?]; last discriminate. solve_elem_of.
+ apply elem_of_intersection. rewrite !mkSet_elem_of /=. solve_elem_of.
+ (* TODO: Need lemma about closenedd os intersection / union. *) admit.
+ apply sts.closed_op.
* apply i_states_closed.
* apply low_states_closed.
* solve_elem_of.
* apply (non_empty_inhabited (State Low {[ i ]})). apply elem_of_intersection.
rewrite !mkSet_elem_of /=. solve_elem_of.
Lemma signal_spec l P (Q : val iProp) :
heapN N (send l P P Q '()) wp (signal (LocV l)) Q.
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