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Owning units.

parent 764f0e4b
......@@ -471,6 +471,15 @@ Proof.
rewrite (associative op), <-(commutative op z1), <-!(associative op), <-Hy2.
by rewrite (associative op), (commutative op z1), <-Hy1.
Lemma uPred_own_unit (a : M) : uPred_own (unit a) ( uPred_own (unit a))%I.
intros x n; split; [intros [a' Hx]|by apply uPred_always_necessity].
assert ( a'', unit (unit a a') unit (unit a) a'') as [a'' Ha]
by (rewrite <-ra_included_spec; auto using ra_unit_weaken).
by exists a''; rewrite Hx, Ha, ra_unit_idempotent.
Lemma uPred_own_empty `{Empty M, !RAEmpty M} : True%I uPred_own .
Proof. intros x [|n] ??; [done|]. by exists x; rewrite (left_id _ _). Qed.
Lemma uPred_own_valid (a : M) : uPred_own a uPred_valid a.
intros x n Hv [a' Hx]; simpl; rewrite Hx in Hv; eauto using cmra_valid_op_l.
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