Commit 01dc77a0 authored by Marco Perronet's avatar Marco Perronet Committed by Björn Brandenburg

add function to generate uniprocessor schedules

parent 28a550c9
Require Export prosa.behavior.all.
Require Export prosa.model.priority.classes.
Require Export prosa.util.supremum.
Require Export prosa.model.preemption.parameter.
Require Export prosa.model.schedule.work_conserving.
Require Export prosa.model.schedule.priority_driven.
Require Export prosa.model.processor.ideal.
Section UniprocessorSchedule.
Context {Job : JobType}.
Context `{JobCost Job}.
Context `{JobArrival Job}.
Context `{JobPreemptable Job}.
Context `{JLDP_policy Job}.
Context {Task : eqType}.
Context `{JobReady Job (ideal.processor_state Job)}.
Variable arr_seq : arrival_sequence Job.
Section JobAllocation.
Variable sched_prefix : schedule (ideal.processor_state Job).
Definition jobs_backlogged_at (t : instant): seq Job :=
[seq j <- arrivals_up_to arr_seq t | backlogged sched_prefix j t].
Definition prev_job_nonpreemptive (t : instant) : bool:=
match t with
| 0 => false
| S t' => if sched_prefix t' is Some j then
~~job_preemptable j (service sched_prefix j t)
(** Given an arrival sequence, a prefix schedule [[0, t-1]], computes
which job has to be scheduled at [t] **)
Definition allocation_at (t : instant): option Job :=
if prev_job_nonpreemptive t then
sched_prefix t.-1
supremum (hep_job_at t) (jobs_backlogged_at t).
End JobAllocation.
Definition empty_schedule: schedule (ideal.processor_state Job) := fun _ => None.
(** Given an arrival sequence, computes a schedule up to time [h] **)
Fixpoint schedule_up_to (h : instant) : schedule (ideal.processor_state Job) :=
prefix := if h is S h' then schedule_up_to h' else empty_schedule
fun t =>
if t == h then
allocation_at prefix t
prefix t.
Definition uni_schedule (t : instant) : ideal.processor_state Job :=
schedule_up_to t t.
End UniprocessorSchedule.
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