Commit 5e7d9ca7 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Stronger version of `inv_open` that allows to close invariants in a different order.

parent 7143c8b7
......@@ -94,6 +94,20 @@ Proof.
iApply "HP'". iFrame.
Lemma inv_open_strong E N P :
inv N P ={E,E∖↑N}= P E', N E' P ={E'∖↑N,E'}= True.
iIntros (?) "Hinv".
iPoseProof (inv_open ( N) N P with "Hinv") as "H"; first done.
rewrite difference_diag_L.
iPoseProof (fupd_mask_frame_r _ _ (E N) with "H") as "H"; first set_solver.
rewrite left_id_L -union_difference_L //. iMod "H" as "[$ H]"; iModIntro.
iIntros (E' ?) "HP". iSpecialize ("H" with "HP").
iPoseProof (fupd_mask_frame_r _ _ (E' N) with "H") as "H"; first set_solver.
by rewrite left_id_L -union_difference_L.
Lemma inv_open_timeless E N P `{!Timeless P} :
N E inv N P ={E,E∖↑N}= P (P ={E∖↑N,E}= True).
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