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Let Done!

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......@@ -52,6 +52,45 @@ Proof.
intros. split; first done. exact: rrel_eq.
(** Well-formed two-substitutions. *)
Definition srel (r: resUR) (xs: gmap string (result * result)) : Prop :=
map_Forall (λ _ '(rs, rt), rrel r rs rt) xs.
Lemma rrel_persistent r rs rt :
rrel r rs rt rrel (core r) rs rt.
Proof. destruct rs, rt; simpl; naive_solver eauto using vrel_persistent. Qed.
Lemma rrel_mono r1 r2 rs rt :
r2 r1 r2
rrel r1 rs rt rrel r2 rs rt.
Proof. destruct rs, rt; simpl; intros; naive_solver eauto using vrel_mono. Qed.
Lemma srel_persistent r xs :
srel r xs srel (core r) xs.
intros Hrel x [vs vt] Hlk. apply rrel_persistent.
eapply (Hrel _ _ Hlk).
Lemma srel_mono r1 r2 xs :
r2 r1 r2
srel r1 xs srel r2 xs.
intros Hval Hincl Hrel x [vs vt] Hlk. eapply rrel_mono; [done..|].
eapply (Hrel _ _ Hlk).
Lemma srel_frame_core r rf xs :
(core r rf) srel r xs srel (core r rf) xs.
move=>Hval /srel_persistent. apply: srel_mono; first done.
eexists. eauto.
(** Hints. *)
Local Hint Extern 0 (_ _) => exact: cmra_included_r : core. (* needs to be written like this to trump the reflexivity Hint. *)
Local Hint Resolve srel_frame_core.
(** We define a "semantic well-formedness", in some context. *)
Definition sem_steps := 10%nat.
......@@ -60,7 +99,7 @@ Definition sem_post (r: resUR) (n: nat) rs css' rt cst': Prop :=
Definition sem_wf (r: resUR) es et :=
xs : gmap string (result * result),
map_Forall (λ _ '(rs, rt), rrel r rs rt) xs
srel r xs
r ⊨ˢ{sem_steps,fs,ft}
(subst_map (fst <$> xs) es, css)
......@@ -132,9 +171,12 @@ Proof.
rewrite !subst'_subst_map.
change rs with (fst (rs, rt)). change rt with (snd (rs, rt)) at 2.
rewrite !binder_insert_map.
(* FIXME: we need validity. *)
Fail eapply IHe2; [|by auto..].
eapply sim_simple_valid_pre=>Hval.
eapply IHe2; [by auto..|].
destruct b; first exact: srel_frame_core. simpl.
apply map_Forall_insert_2.
+ eapply rrel_mono; eauto.
+ eapply srel_frame_core; eauto.
- (* Case *) admit.
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