Commit b31e481e authored by Hai Dang's avatar Hai Dang

copy right rule

parent 8af99dc6
......@@ -45,17 +45,61 @@ Proof.
Lemma sim_body_copy_unique_r
fs ft (r r': resUR) (h: heaplet) n (l: loc) tg T (s: scalar) es σs σt Φ :
fs ft (r r': resUR) (h: heaplet) n (l: loc) t T (s: scalar) es σs σt Φ :
tsize T = 1%nat
tag_on_top σt.(sst) l tg
r r' res_tag tg tkUnique h
tag_on_top σt.(sst) l t
r r' res_tag t tkUnique h
h !! l = Some s
(r {n,fs,ft} (es, σs) (#[s], σt) : Φ : Prop)
r {S n,fs,ft} (es, σs) (Copy (Place l (Tagged tg) T), σt) : Φ.
r {S n,fs,ft} (es, σs) (Copy (Place l (Tagged t) T), σt) : Φ.
intros LenT TOP Eqr Eqs CONT.
intros LenT TOP Eqr Eqs CONT. pfold.
intros NT r_f WSAT. have WSAT1 := WSAT.
destruct WSAT as (WFS & WFT & VALID & PINV & CINV & SREL & LINV).
(* some lookup properties *)
have VALIDr := cmra_valid_op_r _ _ VALID. rewrite ->Eqr in VALIDr.
have HLtr: r.(rtm) !! t Some (to_tagKindR tkUnique, to_agree <$> h).
{ rewrite Eqr.
eapply tmap_lookup_op_unique_included;
[apply VALIDr|apply cmra_included_r|].
rewrite res_tag_lookup //. }
have HLtrf: (r_f r).(rtm) !! t Some (to_tagKindR tkUnique, to_agree <$> h).
{ apply tmap_lookup_op_r_unique_equiv; [apply VALID|done]. }
(* we can make the read in tgt because tag_on_top *)
destruct TOP as [opro TOP].
destruct (σt.(sst) !! l) as [stk|] eqn:Eqstk; [|done]. simpl in TOP.
specialize (PINV _ _ _ HLtrf) as [Lt PINV].
specialize (PINV l s). rewrite lookup_fmap Eqs in PINV.
specialize (PINV ltac:(done) _ Eqstk Unique opro) as [Eqss HD].
{ destruct stk; [done|]. simpl in TOP. simplify_eq. by left. } { done. }
destruct (tag_unique_head_access σt.(scs) stk (Tagged t) opro AccessRead)
as [ns Eqstk']; [done|].
have Eqα : memory_read σt.(sst) σt.(scs) l (Tagged t) (tsize T) = Some σt.(sst).
{ rewrite LenT /memory_read /= shift_loc_0_nat Eqstk /= Eqstk' /= insert_id //. }
have READ: read_mem l (tsize T) σt.(shp) = Some [s].
{ rewrite LenT read_mem_equation_1 /= Eqss //. }
have STEPT: (Copy (Place l (Tagged t) T), σt) ~{ft}~> ((#[s])%E, σt).
{ destruct σt.
eapply (head_step_fill_tstep _ []); eapply copy_head_step'; eauto. }
split; [right; by do 2 eexists|done|].
constructor 1. intros et' σt' STEPT'.
destruct (tstep_copy_inv _ (PlaceR _ _ _) _ _ _ STEPT')
as (l1&t1&T1& vs1 & α1 & EqH & ? & Eqvs & Eqα' & ?).
symmetry in EqH. simplify_eq.
have Eqσt: mkState σt.(shp) σt.(sst) σt.(scs) σt.(snp) σt.(snc) = σt
by destruct σt. rewrite Eqσt. rewrite Eqσt in STEPT'. clear Eqσt.
exists es, σs, r, n. split; last split; [|done|].
- right. split; [lia|done].
- by left.
Lemma vsP_res_mapsto_tag_on_top (r: resUR) l t s σs σt :
(r res_mapsto l [s] t) ={σs,σt}=> (λ _ _ σt, tag_on_top σt.(sst) l t : Prop).
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