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WIP: frame rule

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......@@ -54,6 +54,21 @@ Proof.
right. eapply CIH; eauto.
Lemma sim_body_frame fs ft n rf r es σs et σt Φ :
r {n,fs,ft} (es, σs) (et, σt) : Φ
rf r {n,fs,ft} (es, σs) (et, σt) :
(λ r' n' es' σs' et' σt', Φ r' n' es' σs' et' σt' rf r').
revert n rf r es σs et σt Φ. pcofix CIH.
intros n rf r0 es σs et σt Φ SIM.
pfold. punfold SIM.
intros NT r_f. rewrite cmra_assoc. intros WSAT.
specialize (SIM NT _ WSAT) as [SU TE ST]. split; [done|..].
- intros. destruct (TE _ TERM) as (vs' & σs' & r' & idx' & STEP' & WSAT' & POST).
exists vs', σs', (rf r'), idx'. admit.
- admit.
Lemma sim_body_result fs ft r n es et σs σt Φ :
( r vrel_expr r (of_result es) (of_result et) Φ r n es σs et σt : Prop)
r {S n,fs,ft} (of_result es, σs) (of_result et, σt) : Φ.
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