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show that vrel etc are persistent

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......@@ -59,6 +59,8 @@ Proof.
(** Top-level theorem: Two programs that only differ in the
"ex1" function are related. *)
Lemma ex1 (prog: fn_env) :
has_main prog
......@@ -73,3 +75,5 @@ Proof.
- exact: ex1_sim_body.
- (* FIXME: Needs reflexivity. *)
Print Assumptions ex1.
......@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ Qed.
(* TODO: define viewshift *)
(** Public scalar relation *)
(* No case for poison *)
Definition arel (r: resUR) (s1 s2: scalar) : Prop :=
match s1, s2 with
| ScPoison, ScPoison => True
......@@ -257,3 +256,32 @@ Qed.
Lemma wsat_heap_dom r σs σt :
wsat r σs σt dom (gset loc) σt.(shp) dom (gset loc) σs.(shp).
Proof. intros (?&?&?&?&?&?&?). by eapply srel_heap_dom. Qed.
Lemma arel_persistent r a1 a2 :
arel r a1 a2 arel (core r) a1 a2.
destruct a1, a2; try done. simpl.
destruct tg; last done.
intros (<- & <- & [h Hlk]).
split; first done. split; first done.
exists (core h). move: Hlk.
destruct r as [[tmap cmap] lmap].
change (core (tmap, cmap, lmap)) with (core tmap, core cmap, core lmap).
rewrite /rtm /=. rewrite lookup_core=>->.
rewrite /core /core' /=.
rewrite {1}/pcore /cmra_pcore /=. rewrite /prod_pcore //.
Lemma vrel_persistent r v1 v2 :
vrel r v1 v2 vrel (core r) v1 v2.
rewrite /vrel=>Hrel. eapply Forall2_impl; first done.
eauto using arel_persistent.
Lemma vrel_list_persistent r vl1 vl2 :
Forall2 (vrel r) vl1 vl2 Forall2 (vrel (core r)) vl1 vl2.
intros Hrel. eapply Forall2_impl; first done.
eauto using vrel_persistent.
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