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towards refl induction

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......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ theories/lang/steps_progress.v
From stbor.lang Require Import expr_semantics.
(** Substitution with a *map*, for the reflexivity proof. *)
Fixpoint subst_map (xs : gmap string result) (e : expr) : expr :=
match e with
| Var y => if xs !! y is Some v then of_result v else Var y
| Val v => Val v
(* | Rec f xl e =>
Rec f xl $ if bool_decide (BNamed x f BNamed x xl) then subst_map xs e else e *)
| Call e el => Call (subst_map xs e) (map (subst_map xs) el)
| InitCall e => InitCall (subst_map xs e)
| EndCall e => EndCall (subst_map xs e)
| Place l tag T => Place l tag T
(* | App e1 el => App (subst_map xs e1) (map (subst_map xs) el) *)
| BinOp op e1 e2 => BinOp op (subst_map xs e1) (subst_map xs e2)
| Proj e1 e2 => Proj (subst_map xs e1) (subst_map xs e2)
| Conc e1 e2 => Conc (subst_map xs e1) (subst_map xs e2)
| Copy e => Copy (subst_map xs e)
| Write e1 e2 => Write (subst_map xs e1) (subst_map xs e2)
| Alloc T => Alloc T
| Free e => Free (subst_map xs e)
| Deref e T => Deref (subst_map xs e) T
| Ref e => Ref (subst_map xs e)
| Retag e kind => Retag (subst_map xs e) kind
| Let x1 e1 e2 =>
Let x1
(subst_map xs e1)
(subst_map (if x1 is BNamed s then delete s xs else xs) e2)
| Case e el => Case (subst_map xs e) (map (subst_map xs) el)
From stbor.lang Require Import lang.
From stbor.sim Require Import refl_step.
From stbor.lang Require Import lang subst_map.
From stbor.sim Require Import refl_step simple tactics.
Set Default Proof Using "Type".
......@@ -40,10 +40,91 @@ Definition prog_wf (prog: fn_env) :=
has_main prog
map_Forall (λ _ f, expr_wf f.(fun_body)) prog.
Section sem.
Context (fs ft: fn_env) `{!sim_local_funs_lookup fs ft}.
Context (css cst: call_id_stack).
Definition sem_steps := 10%nat.
Definition rrel (r: resUR) rs rt: Prop :=
match rs, rt with
| ValR vs, ValR vt => vrel r vs vt
| PlaceR ls ts Ts, PlaceR lt t_t Tt =>
(* Places are related like pointers, and the types must be equal. *)
vrel r [ScPtr ls ts] [ScPtr lt t_t] Ts = Tt
| _, _ => False
Definition sem_post (r: resUR) (n: nat) rs css' rt cst': Prop :=
n = sem_steps css' = css cst' = cst rrel r rs rt.
(** We define a "semantic well-formedness", in some context. *)
Definition sem_wf (r: resUR) es et :=
xs : gmap string (result * result),
map_Forall (λ _ '(rs, rt), rrel r rs rt) xs
r ⊨ˢ{sem_steps,fs,ft}
(subst_map (fst <$> xs) es, css)
(subst_map (snd <$> xs) et, cst)
: sem_post.
Lemma value_wf_soundness r v :
value_wf v vrel r v v.
intros Hwf. induction v.
- constructor.
- apply Forall_cons_1 in Hwf as [??]. constructor.
+ destruct a; done.
+ apply IHv. done.
Lemma expr_wf_soundness r e :
expr_wf e sem_wf r e e.
intros Hwf. induction e; simpl in Hwf.
- (* Value *)
move=>_ _ /=.
apply sim_simple_val.
split; first admit.
split; first done. split; first done.
apply value_wf_soundness. done.
- (* Variable *)
move=>{Hwf} xs Hxswf /=.
rewrite !lookup_fmap. specialize (Hxswf x).
destruct (xs !! x).
+ simpl. intros σs σt ??.
eapply sim_body_result=>_.
split; first admit.
split; first done. split; first done.
specialize (Hxswf p). destruct p. auto.
+ simpl.
(* FIXME: need lemma for when both sides are stuck on an unbound var. *)
- (* Call *)
move=>xs Hxswf /=. sim_bind (subst_map _ e) (subst_map _ e).
eapply sim_simple_post_mono, IHe; [|by apply Hwf|done].
intros r' n' rs css' rt cst' (-> & -> & -> & Hrel). simpl.
End sem.
Theorem sim_mod_fun_refl f :
expr_wf f.(fun_body)
⊨ᶠ f f.
intros Hwf fs ft Hlk r es et.
intros vs vt σs σt Hrel Hsubst1 Hsubst2. exists sem_steps.
apply sim_body_init_call=>/=.
set css := snc σs :: scs σs. set cst := snc σt :: scs σt. move=>Hstacks.
(* FIXME: viewshift to public call ID, use framing or something to get it to fun_post. *)
eapply sim_local_body_post_mono with
(Φ:=(λ r n vs' σs' vt' σt', sem_post css cst r n vs' σs'.(scs) vt' σt'.(scs))).
{ intros r' n' rs css' rt cst' (-> & ? & ? & Hrrel).
- eexists. split. subst cst css. rewrite <-Hstacks. congruence.
admit. (* end_call_sat *)
- admit. (* need to show they are values?!? *)
Lemma sim_mod_funs_refl prog :
......@@ -42,6 +42,16 @@ Proof.
apply HΦ.
Lemma sim_simple_post_mono Φ1 Φ2 r n fs ft es css et cst :
Φ1 <6= Φ2
r ⊨ˢ{ n , fs , ft } (es, css) (et, cst) : Φ1
r ⊨ˢ{ n , fs , ft } (es, css) (et, cst) : Φ2.
intros HΦ Hold σs σt <-<-.
eapply sim_local_body_post_mono; last exact: Hold.
(** Simple proof for a function taking one argument. *)
(* TODO: make the two call stacks the same. *)
Lemma sim_fun_simple1 n (esf etf: function) :
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