Commit 3476c8a5 authored by Hai Dang's avatar Hai Dang
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WIP: mapsto

parent f8968978
......@@ -34,6 +34,9 @@ Definition to_heapletR (h: mem) : heapletR := fmap to_agree h.
Definition to_ptrmapUR (pm: ptrmap) : ptrmapUR :=
fmap (λ tm, (to_tagKindR tm.1, to_heapletR tm.2)) pm.
Definition lmap := gmap loc (scalar * stack).
Definition lmapUR := gmapR loc (csumR (exclR (leibnizO (scalar * stack))) (agreeR unitO)).
Definition res := (ptrmap * cmap)%type.
Definition resUR := prodUR ptrmapUR cmapUR.
Definition to_resUR (r: res) : resUR := (to_ptrmapUR r.1, to_cmapUR r.2).
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