Commit 1a11cc73 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung

small cleanup

parent efefa48e
......@@ -32,22 +32,19 @@ Definition ex1_opt : function :=
Lemma ex1_sim_body :
⊨ᶠ ex1_unopt ex1_opt.
apply (sim_fun_simple1 10)=>// fs ft rarg es et args argt c LOOK AREL ??.
apply (sim_fun_simple1 10)=>// fs ft rarg es et arg c LOOK AREL ??.
(* Alloc local *)
sim_apply sim_simple_alloc_local=> l t /=.
sim_apply sim_simple_let=>/=.
(* Write local *)
rewrite (vrel_eq _ _ _ AREL).
sim_apply sim_simple_write_local; [solve_sim..|].
intros sarg ->.
sim_apply sim_simple_let=>/=.
apply: sim_simple_result.
(* Retag local *)
sim_apply sim_simple_let=>/=.
destruct args as [|args args']; first by inversion AREL.
apply Forall2_cons_inv in AREL as [AREL ATAIL].
destruct args' as [|]; last by inversion ATAIL. clear ATAIL.
apply Forall2_cons_inv in AREL as [AREL _].
sim_apply sim_simple_retag_local; [simpl; lia|solve_sim..|].
move=>l_i tg_i hplt /= Hl_i.
(* Call *)
......@@ -94,18 +91,16 @@ Proof.
apply: sim_body_let_l. simpl.
(* Free stuff *)
eapply (sim_simplify (fun_post_simple c)). { by eauto. }
sim_apply sim_simple_free_local_1; [try solve_sim..|]. simpl.
sim_apply sim_simple_free_local_1; [solve_sim..|]. simpl.
sim_apply sim_simple_let=>/=.
sim_apply sim_simple_free_public.
{ simpl. constructor; [|by constructor].
assert (args = sarg). { by revert AREL; apply arel_eq. } subst args.
revert AREL. apply arel_mono; [|solve_res].
apply (cmra_valid_included _ _ Hval).
do 3 apply cmra_mono_r. apply cmra_included_l. } simpl.
sim_apply sim_simple_let=>/=.
(* FIXME: fix automation *)
apply: arel_mono; last fast_done.
apply: cmra_valid_included; first fast_done.
do 3 apply cmra_mono_r. solve_res. solve_res. }
simpl. sim_apply sim_simple_let=>/=.
(* Finishing up. *)
(* eapply sim_body_viewshift.
{ do 5 eapply viewshift_frame_r. eapply vs_call_empty_public. } *)
apply: sim_simple_result. split.
- solve_res.
- constructor; simpl; auto.
......@@ -168,11 +168,11 @@ Qed.
Lemma sim_fun_simple1 n (esf etf: function) :
length (esf.(fun_args)) = 1%nat
length (etf.(fun_args)) = 1%nat
( fs ft rf es et vs vt c,
( fs ft rf es et v c,
sim_local_funs_lookup fs ft
vrel rf vs vt
subst_l (esf.(fun_args)) [Val vs] (esf.(fun_body)) = Some es
subst_l (etf.(fun_args)) [Val vt] (etf.(fun_body)) = Some et
vrel rf v v
subst_l (esf.(fun_args)) [Val v] (esf.(fun_body)) = Some es
subst_l (etf.(fun_args)) [Val v] (etf.(fun_body)) = Some et
rf res_cs c ⊨ˢ{n,fs,ft} es et : fun_post_simple c)
⊨ᶠ esf etf.
......@@ -183,7 +183,8 @@ Proof.
rewrite Hls Hlt=>??.
destruct vls as [|vs []]; [done| |done].
destruct vlt as [|vt []]; [done| |done].
inversion FREL as [|???? RREL]. eapply HH; done.
inversion FREL as [|???? RREL]. specialize (vrel_eq _ _ _ RREL)=>?.
simplify_eq. eapply HH; done.
Lemma sim_simple_bind fs ft
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