Commit 5d985306 authored by Zhen Zhang's avatar Zhen Zhang
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upgrade to flat combiner

parent fdf2f65f
......@@ -4,35 +4,42 @@ From iris.heap_lang Require Export lang.
From iris.heap_lang Require Import proofmode notation.
From iris.heap_lang.lib Require Import spin_lock.
From iris.algebra Require Import frac excl dec_agree.
From iris.tests Require Import treiber_stack.
From flatcomb Require Import misc.
Definition srv : val :=
rec: "srv" "f" "p" :=
match: !"p" with
InjL "x" => "p" <- InjR ("f" "x");; "srv" "f" "p"
| InjR "_" => "srv" "f" "p"
Definition doOp : val :=
λ: "f" "p",
match: !"p" with
InjL "x" => "p" <- InjR ("f" "x")
| InjR "_" => #()
Definition wait: val :=
rec: "wait" "p" :=
Definition loop : val :=
rec: "loop" "p" "f" "s" "lk" :=
match: !"p" with
InjR "r" => "r"
| InjL "_" => "wait" "p"
InjL "_" =>
if: CAS "lk" #false #true
then iter (doOp "f") "s"
else "loop" "p" "f" "s" "lk"
| InjR "r" => "r"
Local Opaque wait.
(* Naive implementation *)
Definition install : val :=
λ: "x" "s",
let: "p" := ref (InjL "x") in
push "s" "p";;
Definition mk_srv : val :=
Definition flat : val :=
λ: "f",
let: "p" := ref (InjR #0)%V in
let: "l" := newlock #() in
Fork (srv "f" "p");;
let: "lk" := ref (#false) in
let: "s" := new_stack #() in
λ: "x",
acquire "l";;
"p" <- InjL "x";;
let: "ret" := wait "p" in
release "l";;
let: "p" := install "x" "s" in
loop "p" "f" "s" "lk".
Global Opaque doOp install loop flat.
Definition srvR := prodR fracR (dec_agreeR val).
Class srvG Σ := FlatG { srv_tokG :> inG Σ srvR }.
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