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hack loop_spec

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......@@ -317,9 +317,28 @@ Section proof.
by iClear "~5".
Lemma loop_spec Φ (p s lk: loc) (f: val) Q (γhd γgn γ2 γlk: gname) γs:
heapN N
heap_ctx inv N (srv_inv γhd γgn γ2 s Q) inv N (lock_inv γlk lk (own γ2 (Excl ())))
own γgn ( {[ p := γs ]}) ( x:val, WP f x {{ v, Q x v }})%I ( x y, Q x y Φ y) (* there should be some constraints on x *)
WP loop #p f #s #lk {{ Φ }}.
iIntros (HN) "(#Hh & #? & #? & #? & #? & HΦ)".
iLöb as "IH".
wp_rec. repeat wp_let.
(* we should be able to know p is something by open the invariant and using the fragment *)
(* but for now we will move fast *)
iAssert (p_inv' γ2 γs p Q) as "Hp".
{ admit. }
rewrite /p_inv'. destruct γs as [[[[γx γ1] γ3] γ4]|]; last by iExFalso.
iDestruct "Hp" as "[Hp | [Hp | [ Hp | Hp]]]".
- (* I should be able to refuse this case *) admit.
- admit.
- admit.
- iDestruct "Hp" as (x y) "(Hp & Hx & % & Ho1 & Ho4)".
(* there should be some token exchange *)
wp_load. wp_match.
by iApply "HΦ".
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