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......@@ -33,6 +33,13 @@ Coq 8.11 is no longer supported in this version of Iris.
* Set `Hint Mode` for the classes `OfeDiscrete`, `Dist`, `Unit`, `CmraMorphism`,
`rFunctorContractive`, `urFunctorContractive`.
* Also set `Hint Mode` for the stdpp class `Equiv`.
This might require few spurious type annotations until is fixed.
This `Hint Mode` is not in stdpp due to Coq bugs and, only fixed in Coq >= 8.12, which stdpp
supports and Iris does not.
* Add `max_prefix_list` RA on lists whose composition is only defined when one
operand is a prefix of the other. The result is the longer list.
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