Commit fa973ffc authored by Magnus Myreen's avatar Magnus Myreen

Speed up loading times by putting more in pre-built heap

This required moving some files into a subdirectory,
which I called common.
parent e44419a6
INCLUDES = $(HOLDIR)/examples/machine-code/hoare-triple
INCLUDES = $(HOLDIR)/examples/machine-code/hoare-triple common
ifdef POLY
......@@ -17,7 +17,8 @@ BARE_THYS = BasicProvers Defn HolKernel Parse Tactic monadsyntax \
listTheory llistTheory markerLib realTheory realLib RealArith\
optionTheory pairLib pairTheory pred_setTheory \
quantHeuristicsLib relationTheory res_quanTheory rich_listTheory \
sortingTheory sptreeTheory stringTheory sumTheory wordsTheory
sortingTheory sptreeTheory stringTheory sumTheory wordsTheory \
simpLib realTheory realLib RealArith common/preamble
DEPS = $(patsubst %,%.uo,$(BARE_THYS1)) $(PARENTHEAP)
INCLUDES = $(HOLDIR)/examples/machine-code/hoare-triple
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