Commit b6f2a073 authored by Magnus Myreen's avatar Magnus Myreen

Improve Holmakefile in hol4/binary

parent d194c84d
......@@ -4,7 +4,15 @@ OPTIONS = QUIT_ON_FAILURE
ifdef POLY
HOLHEAP = heap
all: $(HOLHEAP)
all: $(HOLHEAP) cake_checker
ifndef CC
cake_checker: checker.S ../cakeml/basis/basis_ffi.o
$(CC) $< ../cakeml/basis/basis_ffi.o $(GCCFLAGS) -o $@
checker.S: checkerBinaryTheory.uo
THYFILES = $(patsubst %Script.sml,%Theory.uo,$(wildcard *.sml))
TARGETS = $(patsubst %.sml,%.uo,$(THYFILES))
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