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All unused files are now in the attic. Make some cleanups

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Require Import Coq.QArith.QArith Coq.QArith.Qreals QArith.Qminmax Coq.Lists.List.
Require Import Daisy.Infra.Abbrevs Daisy.Infra.RationalSimps Daisy.Infra.RationalConstruction Daisy.Infra.RealRationalProps.
Require Import Daisy.Infra.Abbrevs Daisy.Infra.RationalSimps Daisy.Infra.RealRationalProps.
Require Import Daisy.Infra.ExpressionAbbrevs Daisy.IntervalArithQ Daisy.IntervalArith Daisy.Infra.RealSimps Daisy.PreconditionValidation.
Fixpoint validIntervalbounds (e:exp Q) (absenv:analysisResult) (P:precond):=
Require Import Daisy.CertificateChecker.
(*Require Import Daisy.ErrorValidation Daisy.Infra.RationalConstruction Daisy.Infra.ExpressionAbbrevs. *)
TODO: update according to:
[ Info ]
Require Import Coq.QArith.QArith Coq.QArith.Qabs Coq.QArith.Qminmax.
Require Import Daisy.ErrorValidation Daisy.Infra.RationalConstruction Daisy.Infra.ExpressionAbbrevs Daisy.Infra.RationalSimps Daisy.IntervalValidation.
Require Import Daisy.CertificateChecker.
[ Info ]
......@@ -82,12 +81,9 @@ Definition precondition :precond := fun _ => (-(100#1),(100#1)).
Definition machineEpsilon := (1#(2^53)).
Definition l := Eval compute in (maxAbs (cst1,cst1) * machineEpsilon).
Definition r := Eval compute in (Qred errCst1).
Eval compute in (Qleb l r).
Eval compute in validErrorbound valCst absEnv.
Eval compute in validErrorbound varU absEnv.
Eval compute in validErrorbound valCstAddVarU absEnv.
Eval compute in CertificateChecker valCst absEnv precondition.
Eval compute in CertificateChecker varU absEnv precondition.
Eval compute in CertificateChecker valCstAddVarU absEnv precondition.
(** The added assertion becomes the precondition for us **)
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