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general lemma about constants

parent 9b427ee4
Formalization of the base expression language for the daisy framework
Require Import Coq.Reals.Reals.
Require Import Coq.Reals.Reals Interval.Interval_tactic.
Require Import Daisy.realConversion.
Set Implicit Arguments.
......@@ -94,6 +94,59 @@ Proof.
rewrite (IHe1 v0 v4); auto.
rewrite (IHe2 v3 v5); auto.
Lemma perturb_0_val (v:R) (delta:R):
(Rabs delta <= 0)%R ->
perturb v delta = v.
intros abs_0; apply Rabs_0_impl_eq in abs_0; subst.
unfold perturb.
rewrite Rmult_plus_distr_l.
rewrite Rmult_0_r.
rewrite Rmult_1_r.
rewrite Rplus_0_r; auto.
Lemma Rsub_eq_Ropp_Rplus (a:R) (b:R) :
(a - b = a + (- b))%R.
field_simplify; reflexivity.
Lemma const_abs_err_bounded (n:R) (nR:R) (nF:R):
forall cenv:nat -> R,
eval_exp 0%R cenv (Const n) nR ->
eval_exp machineEpsilon cenv (Const n) nF ->
(Rabs (nR - nF) <= Rabs (n * machineEpsilon))%R.
intros cenv eval_real eval_float.
inversion eval_real; subst.
rewrite perturb_0_val; auto.
inversion eval_float; subst.
unfold perturb; simpl.
rewrite Rmult_plus_distr_l.
rewrite Rmult_1_r.
rewrite Rsub_eq_Ropp_Rplus.
rewrite Ropp_plus_distr.
assert (-n + (- (n * delta0)) = ( -(n * delta0) + - n))%R by (rewrite Rplus_comm; auto).
rewrite H.
rewrite <- Rsub_eq_Ropp_Rplus.
rewrite Rplus_minus.
rewrite Rabs_Ropp.
repeat rewrite Rabs_mult.
apply Rmult_le_compat_l.
- apply Rabs_pos.
- assert (Rabs machineEpsilon = machineEpsilon).
+ unfold machineEpsilon.
unfold realFromNum, negPow.
unfold Rabs.
destruct Rcase_abs; auto.
apply (Rlt_not_ge _ _ r).
+ rewrite H2; auto.
Using the parametric expressions, define boolean expressions for conditionals
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