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Add draft of error computing function

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Require Import Coq.QArith.QArith Coq.QArith.Qminmax Coq.QArith.Qabs Coq.ZArith.ZArith Coq.Reals.Reals.
Require Import Daisy.Expressions.
Section ComputableErrors.
Definition test (frac:Q) :=
match frac with
|a#b => (a+1)#(b-1)
Definition interval :Type := Q * Q.
Definition error :Type := Q.
Definition analysisResult :Type := exp Q -> interval * error.
Definition Qleb :=Qle_bool.
Definition maxAbs (iv:interval) :=
Qmax (Qabs (fst iv)) (Qabs (snd iv)).
Definition machineEpsilon := (1#(2^53)).
Fixpoint validErrorbound (e:exp Q) (env:analysisResult) :=
match e with
|Var v => false
|Param v => false
(* A constant will be a point interval. Take maxAbs never the less *)
|Const n => let (intv,err) := env (Const n) in
Qleb (maxAbs intv * machineEpsilon) err
|Binop b e1 e2 =>
let rec := andb (validErrorbound e1 env) (validErrorbound e2 env) in
match b with
Plus => false
|Sub => false
|Mult => false
|Div => false
Lemma validErrorboundCorrect:
forall cenv (n:Q),
eval_exp 0%R cenv (Const n%R) nR ->
eval_exp machineEpsilon%R cenv (Const n%R) ->
validErrorbound (Const n) (fun x => ( (n,n),n * machineEpsilon)) = true
Eval compute in validErrorbound (Var Q 1) (fun x => ((1567#5,1567#5),(2^53#1))).
Eval compute in validErrorbound (Const (1567#5)) (fun x => ((1567#5,1567#5),(2^53#1))).
End ComputableErrors.
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