Commit 4884374c authored by Heiko Becker's avatar Heiko Becker

Try fixing some HOL4 eval issues

parent c4af8f2b
Subproject commit 0f9a84cd5d6459117a10d5c60ced075cf312471b
Subproject commit 3f8f06e6f46b79db0217c67bc1842309900666b4
......@@ -781,7 +781,7 @@ object CertificatePhase extends DaisyPhase {
"Proof.\n vm_compute; auto.\nQed.\n"
} else if (prover == "hol4"){
"val _ = store_thm (\""+s"ErrorBound_${fName}_Sound"+"\",\n" +
s"``CertificateCheckerCmd $lastGenName $analysisResultName $precondName $defVarsName``,\n EVAL_TAC);\n"
s"``CertificateCheckerCmd $lastGenName $analysisResultName $precondName $defVarsName``,\n EVAL_TAC \\ fs[]);\n"
} else
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