Commit 3655c4ff authored by Nikita Zyuzin's avatar Nikita Zyuzin

Progress cmd proof

parent dade4375
......@@ -236,8 +236,11 @@ Fixpoint validErrorboundAACmd (f: cmd Q) (* analyzed cmd with let's *)
match FloverMap.find e A, FloverMap.find (Var Q x) A with
| Some (iv_e, err_e), Some (iv_x, err_x) =>
if Qeq_bool err_e err_x then
validErrorboundAACmd g typeMap A (NatSet.add x dVars) maxNoise1
(FloverMap.add (Var Q x) afPolye errMap1)
match FloverMap.find (Var Q x) errMap1 with
| Some _ => None
| None => validErrorboundAACmd g typeMap A (NatSet.add x dVars) maxNoise1
(FloverMap.add (Var Q x) afPolye errMap1)
| _,_ => None
......@@ -4172,6 +4175,134 @@ Proof.
destruct p as (variv, varerr).
destruct (Qeq_bool suberr varerr) eqn: Heqerr;
cbn in Hvalidbounds; [|congruence].
destruct (FloverMap.find (Var Q n) subexpr_map) eqn: Hvarnew;
cbn in Hvalidbounds; [congruence|].
inversion Hssa; subst.
cbn in Hsubset.
assert (NatSet.Subset (usedVars e -- dVars) fVars) as Hsubs.
{ set_tac. repeat split; auto.
hnf; intros; subst.
set_tac. }
pose proof (validErrorboundAA_sound e) as Hvalid__e.
inversion Heval__R; subst.
destruct Htypes as ((? & ? & ? & ? & ? & ?) & ?).
destruct Hrange as ((? & ?) & ?).
specialize Hvalid__e as (((v__FP & m__FP & Heval__e) & Hcheckedex__e) & Hvalidall__e); eauto.
assert (NatSet.Equal (NatSet.add n (NatSet.union fVars dVars))
(NatSet.union fVars (NatSet.add n dVars))) as Hseteq.
hnf. intros ?; split; intros in_set; set_tac.
- destruct in_set as [ ? | [? ?]]; try auto; set_tac.
destruct H14; auto.
- destruct in_set as [? | ?]; try auto; set_tac.
destruct H13 as [? | [? ?]]; auto.
assert (ssa c (fVars ∪ (NatSet.add n dVars)) outVars) as Hssa'.
eapply ssa_equal_set; symmetry in Hseteq.
exact Hseteq.
assert (NatSet.Subset (freeVars c -- NatSet.add n dVars) fVars) as Hsubset'.
hnf. intros ? a_freeVar.
rewrite NatSet.diff_spec in a_freeVar.
destruct a_freeVar as [a_freeVar a_no_dVar].
apply Hsubset.
rewrite NatSet.diff_spec, NatSet.remove_spec, NatSet.union_spec.
repeat split; try auto.
{ hnf; intros; subst.
apply a_no_dVar.
rewrite NatSet.add_spec; auto. }
{ hnf; intros a_dVar.
apply a_no_dVar.
rewrite NatSet.add_spec; auto. }
specialize (Hvalidall__e v__FP m__FP Heval__e) as (af__e & err__e & noise_map2 & ? & ? & ? & ? & ? & ? &
? & Hiv & ? & Hevals & Hcheckedall__e).
rewrite Qeq_bool_iff in Heqerr.
apply Qeq_eqR in Heqerr.
assert (approxEnv (updEnv n v E1) (toRExpMap Gamma) A fVars
(NatSet.add n dVars) (updEnv n v__FP E2)).
eapply approxUpdBound; eauto.
- eapply toRExpMap_some; eauto.
simpl; auto.
- apply Rle_trans with (r2:= err__e); try lra.
apply to_interval_containment in Hevals.
rewrite Hiv in Hevals.
cbn in Hevals.
now apply Rabs_le.
specialize (H9 v (eval_det_eval_nondet H10)).
assert (affine_dVars_error_valid (updEnv n v E1) (updEnv n v__FP E2) A Gamma DeltaMap
(NatSet.add n dVars) noise_map2 subnoise
(FloverMap.add (Var Q n) a subexpr_map)).
unfold affine_dVars_error_valid.
intros v' Hinv'.
destruct (v' =? n) eqn:Heq.
- unfold checked_error_expressions, updEnv.
intros v__R' v__FP' m__FP' iv__A' err__A' Heval__R' Heval__FP' Hcert'.
rewrite Nat.eqb_eq in Heq; subst.
inversion Heval__R'; subst.
inversion Heval__FP'; subst.
unfold updEnv in H24, H26.
rewrite Nat.eqb_refl in H24, H26.
inversion H24; inversion H26; subst.
exists af__e, err__e.
+ rewrite FloverMapFacts.P.F.add_eq_o; [congruence|].
apply Q_orderedExps.exprCompare_refl.
+ replace err__A' with varerr by congruence.
now rewrite <- Heqerr.
- pose proof Heq as Heq'.
rewrite Nat.eqb_neq in Heq.
apply NatSetProps.FM.add_3 in Hinv'; auto.
move Hdvars at bottom.
specialize (Hdvars v' Hinv').
unfold checked_error_expressions in Hdvars |-*.
intros v__R' v__FP' m__FP' iv__A' err__A' Heval__R' Heval__FP' Hcert'.
specialize Hdvars as (af' & err__af' & Hfresh' & Hnoisemap1' & Hcertvar' & Herr' &
Hiv' & Herrvar' & Hevals'); eauto.
+ inversion Heval__R'; subst.
unfold updEnv in H24.
rewrite Heq' in H24.
constructor; eauto.
+ inversion Heval__FP'; subst.
unfold updEnv in H24.
rewrite Heq' in H24.
constructor; eauto.
+ exists af', err__af'.
repeat split; eauto using fresh_monotonic, af_evals_map_extension.
rewrite FloverMapFacts.P.F.add_neq_o; [now apply H13|].
cbn; intros Heq''.
apply nat_compare_eq in Heq''.
rewrite <- FloverMapFacts.P.F.not_find_in_iff in Hvarnew.
specialize IHc with (dVars := NatSet.add n dVars) as (IHex & _); eauto.
+ lia.
+ intros e' Hin.
destruct (q_expr_eq_dec (Var Q n) e') as [Heqe'|Hneqe'].
* rewrite FloverMapFacts.P.F.In_iff in Hvarnew; eauto.
specialize (flover_map_el_eq_extension Hvarnew Hin) as [Heq Heqexp].
rewrite Heqexp.
exists v__FP, m.
constructor; auto.
1: eapply toRExpMap_some with (e := Var Q n); eauto.
unfold updEnv.
now rewrite <- beq_nat_refl.
* rewrite FloverMapFacts.P.F.add_neq_in_iff in Hin; auto.
destruct (flover_map_in_dec e' expr_map1) as [Hin1|Hnin1].
- move Hcheckedex at bottom.
specialize (Hcheckedex _ Hin1).
destruct Hcheckedex as (vfp & mfp & Hevalfp).
exists vfp, mfp.
eapply eval_expr_det_ssa_extension; eauto.
- inversion Heval__R; subst.
edestruct (validErrorboundAA_sound e) as (((v__FP & m__FP & Hex) & Hcheckedex') & _); eauto;
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ From Flover.Infra
Require Import RealRationalProps RationalSimps Ltacs.
From Flover
Require Import ExpressionSemantics.
Require Import ExpressionSemantics ssaPrgs.
From Flover.Infra
Require Export ExpressionAbbrevs.
......@@ -344,7 +344,7 @@ Proof.
rewrite <- (H n); auto.
Lemma eval_expr_det_ignore_bind_det e:
Lemma eval_expr_det_ignore_bind e:
forall x v m Gamma E DeltaMap,
eval_expr_det E Gamma DeltaMap e v m ->
~ NatSet.In x (usedVars e) ->
......@@ -533,3 +533,16 @@ Proof.
+ trivial.
+ apply Rabs_0_impl_eq in H3; f_equal; now symmetry.
Lemma eval_expr_det_ssa_extension (e: expr R) (e' : expr Q) E Gamma DeltaMap
v v' m__e m n c fVars dVars outVars:
ssa (Let m__e n e' c) (fVars dVars) outVars ->
NatSet.Subset (usedVars e) (fVars dVars) ->
~ (n fVars dVars) ->
eval_expr_det E Gamma DeltaMap e v m ->
eval_expr_det (updEnv n v' E) Gamma DeltaMap e v m.
intros Hssa Hsub Hnotin Heval.
eapply eval_expr_det_ignore_bind; [auto |].
edestruct ssa_inv_let; eauto.
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