Commit 1963a721 authored by Anastasiia's avatar Anastasiia

clean up the previous commit (9338eb60)

parent 276b05f6
......@@ -267,8 +267,7 @@ case class SMTRange private(interval: Interval, tree: Expr, constraints: Set[Exp
def -(y: SMTRange): SMTRange = this.-(y, lowPrecision, lowLoopThreshold)
def *(y: SMTRange): SMTRange = this.*(y, lowPrecision, lowLoopThreshold)
def /(y: SMTRange): SMTRange = this./(y, lowPrecision, lowLoopThreshold)
//todo fix Pow
def ^(n: SMTRange): SMTRange = this.^(n, lowPrecision, lowLoopThreshold)
def squareRoot: SMTRange = this.squareRoot(lowPrecision, lowLoopThreshold)
def +(y: SMTRange, precision: Rational = lowPrecision, maxLoops: Int = lowLoopThreshold): SMTRange = {
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