Commit 16e2b87a authored by Heiko Becker's avatar Heiko Becker
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Update cakeml to latest state, remove unsued print

parent 59cc4e2b
Subproject commit 9f7a2e8b53e4f091ae49340aed425376ed30ae26
Subproject commit 0f9a84cd5d6459117a10d5c60ced075cf312471b
......@@ -395,7 +395,6 @@ object CertificatePhase extends DaisyPhase {
private def getCmd(e: Expr, precisions: Map[Identifier, Precision], constPrecision: Precision, prv: String): (String, String) = {"$e\n")
e match {
case e @ Let(x, exp, g) =>
//first compute expression AST
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