Commit 124cb845 authored by Heiko Becker's avatar Heiko Becker
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Push changed Ltacs file forgotten by last commit

parent da70f298
......@@ -168,3 +168,15 @@ Ltac telling_rewrite pat hyp :=
Tactic Notation "unify asm" open_constr(pat) hyp(H):=
telling_rewrite pat H.
Ltac destruct_ex H pat :=
match type of H with
| exists v, ?H' =>
let vFresh:=fresh v in
let fN := fresh "ex" in
destruct H as [vFresh fN];
destruct_ex fN pat
| _ => destruct H as pat
Tactic Notation "destruct_smart" simple_intropattern(pat) hyp(H) := destruct_ex H pat.
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